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Some Pictures of Madawaska, ME–February 2011

I thought you might want to see what the winters are like in far northern Maine.  The winter really starts here in November each year, and ends as late as May the next spring.  I live on the Canada/US border in the most northern city in the continental United States.


Above is a photo taken just after the first snowfall in November 2010.  The house you’re looking at is the Acadian House on Saint Catherine Street in the west part of Madawaska.


Notice the ice on the left.  I have several pictures to come to show them during different times of the winter.


Looking down Saint Catherine Street towards 19th Avenue you can see the peaceful serene nature of the winters in Madawaska, ME.

IMG_0079Madawaska at 10 below

Here are the icicles a month later or so in December 2010.  They really have grown.  Even though the temperature doesn’t get that high during the day, sometimes the bottom of the snow on the roof melts and drips down.


Here are some more pictures of the icicles in January 2011 and other views of New Brunswick, Canada across the Saint John’s River in the bottom right.  The other pictures are of 20th Avenue and Saint Catherine Street in Madawaska, ME. 


These photo’s are later in January 2011 and after a cold front came through.  The winds are coming out of the northwest gusting to 30 to 40 miles per hour.


Edmunston, NB lies just across the Saint John’s River from Madawaska, ME.  The paper company is the largest employer around here and the wind direction can always be determined by the direction of the smoke coming from two of their facilities.


Compare the snow level and the Icicles from November 2010 and you can see the snow is much deeper and the icicles much longer.

This year the northern Maine area has not had the snow that the middle and southern sections of Maine have had.  To date, 8 February 2011, we have had about 61 inches of snow.  Come visit us in northern Maine.  If you like to ski, ride a snowmobile, or cross country ski northern Maine has it all.

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